Friday, April 11, 2014

Vengeance (Spinning Playlist & Profile)

If you were a boy in the 70's I'm quite sure you recognize this comic as part of an advertisement.  It was in virtually every comic book printed, either in the front or back cover.  It was an ad for the Charles Atlas Body Building method that was suppose to turn this 98lb weakling into a man, or as the ad said, "The Insult that made a man out of Mac".

Okay so if you're a frequent follower of this blog you might have noticed my absence as of late.  My absence is the result of being extremely under motivated.  Now don't get me wrong, I still went Spinning and worked out 3-4 times per week, but that was about all I could manage.

My problem as I've discovered was that I was dealing with an extreme vitamin D deficiency which aside from being tired, also messed with my head enough that I couldn't focus much.  The underlying cause of my issues was discovered at my long over due physical and some blood work.  I tell you all this to encourage you to visit the damn doctor if you don't feel up to par.

I'll get down from my soap box now, and leave it at I'm on the mend now, although I still have a road ahead of me.  Oh, and if you're wondering why I called this ride vengeance it's simply because of my mindset; I am not going to let this beat me down, I'm fighting back with a Vengeance.  Have a Great Ride!

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