Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Strut (Spinning® Profile & Playlist)

My typical pace line for a class is a "single" pace line where you work your way to the front of a line (virtually) and then peel yourself off to draft in the back.  In my nomenclature on my profiles it looks something like

Flat > Flat > Standing Flat 20sec

So starting from the drafting rear position for 20 seconds, and then increase resistance moving into the 2nd position for 20 seconds (while someone drafts off you), until finally you move to the front (more resistance) while you deflect all the air and those drafting off you.

In the real world this is a constant fluid motion but in our studio's we simulate the wind resistance which is why I only have 3 positions in my pace line otherwise all you're doing is adjusting resistance constantly.

For variety sake I will also run this same drill in reverse although you would never do this in the real world.  Now for the Double pace line, also referred to as a circular pace line.  It's like running the normal pace line, and then transition over to run it in reverse.

In my nomenclature for the studio the double would look like

Flat 20sec > Flat 20sec > Standing Flat 40 sec < Flat 20sec repeat

Notice that you're in the front of the line in both the right and left lines so that translates to a standing flat for twice as long as the other positions.

Now lets see what it looks like when the pros do it. 

I hope you enjoy today's Strength Energy Zone ride and the new music.  I also want to apologize for my lack of activity on the blog as of late, I've been spending a lot of time training for my first triathlon leaving me exhausted in the time available to blog. 

Remember, Life starts when you leave your comfort zone!

~ Spinning Freak™ 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/e3xvhpe991z9enq/SEZ%20046.pdf   https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxluf1oiw28o090/1402368717.icclass


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