Saturday, August 30, 2014

Boom...The Game has Changed (Spinning® Profile & Playlist)

So Taylor Swift wakes up one morning and decides, "I think I wanna be a pop star."  Boom...The game has changed.  Well I don't know if it will work for her, but whatever...I'm still going to put on my spandex tri-shorts and cycling jersey and Spin®.

Lot's of new music in this weeks Strength ride, I hope you enjoy but Spotify users will be a little limited because several of the songs aren't there yet.  But before we got to the music, I wanted to take a moment to explain my interpretation of SWITCHBACKS since I reference them so often during SEZ rides.

For the uninitiated, a Switchback (also called Hairpins for my British friends) is basically a sharp turn in the road on a hill.   

Even though I have very few real cyclist in my studio, I always bring in the terminology from the road to my class to provide a visualization element.  I think this is one of the things that makes my class different from the run of the mill indoor cycling instructor that simply shouts out the next position.  As an added bonus, I do a lot of the coaching and visualization from the floor, not the bike.  This puts me down at their level, I can adjust my ride to the group or address individuals that are having a problem.

Back to how I coach Switchbacks
Watching the video above you see there are 3 paths to follow.  I almost always coach the inside path because it breaks up the monoty of a seated hill and allows the participant to stand for a bit.  You can always coach a modification that would take them up one of the other paths.

From a seated climb (60-80rpm), we do a resistance load and before falling below the 60rpm threshold we rise up to a standing climb.  I general cue this with something like, "Turn it 'til it burns, then stand up", or "Bring on the resistance and then Bring it!" I continue around the hairpin for 15-45 seconds and then return to the pre-switchback resistance and the seated climb.  

There you have it Switchbacks are a great way to change and challenge your participants during a hill.  Have a great ride!

~ Spinning Freak



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