Sunday, January 25, 2015

Keep It Movin' (Spinning­­® Profile & Playlists)

You're either Moving or your Not.  We all get in those funks where you don't want to do
anything, you've lost your motivation, you've become bored, whatever.  What's worse is then you justify yourself, 'You deserve a break', 'You'll work twice as hard tomorrow', 'Yesterday's workout was enough'.  Again I say, Whatever.
You never regret the workout you did.
Absolutely there are times where you have to take a break, as in the case of an injury or medical condition, but as soon as that passes, all the excuses are just that, excuses.

I love the adage, "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."  And that's what I feel about my body when I'm out of shape, "I feel like Hell" and all those plans, those "good intentions" mean nothing unless you follow through.

I could use the excuse that I'm dealing with vitamin D deficiency again (gotta love Ohio in the winter), but that is not going to stop me.  I'm back on the mega dosage of D prescribed by my doc, Doctor House, but not the one with the TV show.  I'm signing up for light therapy twice a week and I committed to my first race by paying my registration fees and getting a USA Triathlon membership.
  About this play list:  There are a couple of songs that just weren't available anywhere for purchase.  Which means that if you want this play list you'll need to put in a little extra effort and convert them from YouTube videos to MP3's.  There are lots of online resources for this, but the one I use is VidToMP3.  The site works well but be careful which download links you click on, or you might inadvertently will download other crap.

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