Monday, July 11, 2016

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (Spinning Profile & Playlist)

Take my classes long enough and you'll eventually hear me say, "Run like you stole something."  The implication being that someone is hunting you down and you better run (pedal) faster.  I sometimes drop that line when you're spent and we still have sprints at the end of the ride - like this profile.

My latest playlist and profile is chuck full of a wide variety of songs so regardless of your audience there has to be something in there for just about everyone; unless of course you're like the folks in the Blue Brother's movie that believed there were only two types of music.

A couple of things about the cues for this profile:

Rollers (Segment #6, #9)

>> StFlat/Run <
Increase resistance to either a standing Flat or Run, and then drop the resistance as you go down the incline. Repeat as you like.
>> Climb/StFlat/Run << Flat 
Increase resistance to either a seated climb, or a bit extra to a standing Flat or Run, and then drop the resistance as you go down the incline. Repeat as you like.
Think of these as very short rollers so you'll want to cue the class to push hard up the incline so they don't lose momentum.  The resistance loading changes are not dramatic here.  Participants can go from light to medium and stay in the saddle, or light to medium-heavy and run up the incline.  Think of this like the kiddy-coaster you see at the state fair instead of the ride-o-death at the amusement park.

Incline To Hill (Segment #11)

Climb :40 >> Climb :30 < (switchback )

I really like this combination but it may be a little confusing to cue at first.  First for your understanding, you're heading up a hill with switchbacks.  Each straight away is a bit steeper than the previous straightway as you go up the hill.  So with each switchback you increase a lot, and then when your done with the switchback you decrease but not as much as you loaded.  I cue this like two steps up and one step back.  With each switchback your hill becomes steeper and steeper. Repeat as you like.
I hope you enjoy this profile and playlist.  I'd love to hear what your take aways are from it.  And if you're out riding on the roads this summer, be careful.


Spotify Users:  The version of Dannic's BLAZE is shorter on Spotify, so you'll need to adjust the start/stop times for your Sprints.

iTunes Users:  If you don't see an iTunes playlist above, disable your ad blocker for this site.  I have no external advertisements on my site except iTunes playlists.

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