Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tour de France - Stage 20 Megève / Morzine-Avoriaz (Spinning Profile & Playlist)

Every year I pick a segment on the TDF to profile a new Race Day Energy Zone ride; and this year I picked Stage 20 just because I like the diversity of the terrain.

Living in Ohio, I bike enough flat stretches so I have to use the simulated mountains on my Spinning® bike to remind me of home in Appalachia.

A couple of reminders about RDEZ rides:

  • Minimum cadence is 80 rpm
  • Heart rate zone 4 & 5 for the entire "race"
What this means is that you have to be careful to not load your mountains as steep as you would during a strength ride because your cadence is going to be up to 33% faster.  Out in the real world this translates to changing to smaller gears for climbing.

Today's profile has 2 warm up songs with the first just to get the legs warmed up, and the 2nd one to get the core warmed up, go over the positions and proper loading techniques since chances are pretty high they're not used to loading for this type of ride.

Song #3 was the opening music from Knight Rider so you'll either need to find a way to download music from YouTube or substitute another song.

Some of my cues in this profile will say (Power Turns).  Remember this ride isn't just about doing a specific position, it's about a guided journey, visualization.  Just like the hill climbs with switchbacks you'll also have switchbacks coming down the hill.  Now you wouldn't really do this if you were in the alps (mostly for fear 
of driving on the planet), but I want you
to imagine as you're going down hill that the turns are steeply banked and you can power into the turns; adding resistance and keep pedaling at that high cadence.  Once you're out of the turn, decrease your resistance and continue. 

You can add as many or as few of these downhill switchbacks as you feel the mountain gives you.

Preclass I played an edited version of this YouTube preview of Stage 20 so that my class participants could "see" what we were about to undertake to aid them in their visualization.

Remember Race Day is about the energy in the room as much as it is about the profile, so anything you can do to elevate the excitement will make the class more interesting.

~ Spinning Freak™

This link will actually take you to two different profiles lists; the profiles are the same but they have slightly different music depending on your preference.  Enjoy!

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