Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Welcome to Wonderland (Spinning® Profile & Playlist)

Wonderland is a play on words for me...that's what I call it when you step on a scale and the first number is a 1.  In truth, weight is just a number and not an accurate measure of fitness or health.  If you're 6' - 3" you're probably close if not over that 200 number or even if you're a pole.  That is NOT the case for me, at my 5' - 9.5"stature; not that I was in bad shape, but I'm certainly not what I was when I was martial arts fighting.  I always said that if I had worked out like this in my 20's instead of my 40's, I would have been ripped. Alas, my late 20's exercise program was limited to watching figure skating with my wife on the couch and NFL on Sunday (if Pittsburgh was playing.)

Last fall I decided to step up my triathlon endeavors and registered for my first Ironman 70.3 - For those unfamiliar, it's also called a Half Ironman; and No you cannot call yourself an Ironman unless you do the full 140.6 version of this race, in my opinion.  That would be akin to running 8 different 5K races and calling saying you've run a marathon; but I digress.

Starting in January 2016, I concentrated on my eating habits (you can't out work your eating), upped my workouts to 5-7 workouts a week, and 9 months later I had dropped the 20 pounds to put me in Wonderland.  All that to say, it's hard work, but if you set yourself a goal AND make a plan to
 achieve the goal then it can be done.

Oh, and I did finish my first Ironman 70.3 this year, and I look forward to doing several more.  My next major goal is a full Ironman by age 50 (age, just like weight, is just a number).

Welcome to Wonderland Profile is a STRENGTH ENERGY ZONE ride.  Remember not to lose your breath, or you're working out in the wrong energy zone.

Unless you've participated in my class you may be confused by a couple of the instructions so let me explain them, and maybe these will bring something new to your participants without making up some crap like you see in some of these boutique studios.

Incline Gets Steeper and Steeper (switchbacks)
This is like switchbacks that I've coached for quite some time, but instead to always coming back to the base line hill resistance, you return with slightly more than you started with.  Think of it like this, you're going up a 5% hill, you come to turn that makes it really steep while you make the turn, when the road straightens out you're now on a 7% hill, etc...

I cue this by telling my participants think of increasing twice for the switchback and then decreasing once for the straight away.  Up 2 - Down 1.  Do this repeatedly and your hill turns into a mountain.

Rolling Hills
If you've ever gotten to ride on "rollers" on the road, you know that some of the shorter and steeper ones you actually stand and run up the hill.  Same goes in the Spinning studio.  Go with how the music feels.  Do you want the hill longer and more gradual (1 min) or shorter and steeper (30seconds)?



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