Sunday, November 6, 2016

Election Day Crazy

This election cycle can't be over soon enough for me; and this is from a guy that LOVES politics.

My issue with this particular election cycle is the polarization of people that under normal circumstances can hold intelligent, well thought out conversations, that suddenly feel it's okay to shout down opposing views and opinions.

My solution...ENDORPHINS!

I teach on Tuesday's which means I'm there right as the polls are ready to close on Tuesday night.  So here's my homage to the craziness.

Side Note:  I wanted to put Pink Floyd's - Another Brick In The Wall in this play list since there was a lot of discussion about that during this cycle, but I just couldn't find the right way to put it into the profile so here's the video anyway.

Enjoy and remember that Wednesday morning, we're all still people and we should be civil towards each other; and those that are just plain suck.

God Bless,



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