Sunday, November 20, 2016

Strike a match (Spinning Profile & Playlist)

I had such a great time using my Election Day ride, I felt it was a shame to not use the profile for another 4 years.

Here's essentially the same profile with new music and 1 extra hill climb.

It wasn't at all intentional that I had music selected that made reference to fire until I went to put this post up; "Highway to Hell", "Accelerant", "Lucky Strike", and "Fireproof".

On an entirely personal note, I have signed up to do my second Ironman70.3 event with the goal of knocking 65 minutes off my time.  While that sounds like a lot, it really isn't when I did as poor as I did.  I went into the event apprehensive about the swim, which I finished in 65 minutes, and then my hip flexor injury kicked up at mile 8 on the run slowing me to a snails pace.  My goal is to get under 7 hours.  It's good to have stated, and printed goals...they help to hold you accountable.


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