Sunday, December 31, 2017

I'm Still Standing (Spinning Profile and Playlist)

Wow has it been a VERY long time since I blogged.  This blog originally was a way to share my play lists and Spinning coaching style to the world.  Then a few years back I got involved in triathlons as a reaction to watching my brother's failing health.  And then I took on a new role within my company which dominated my time and I started journaling (paper and pencil).

So today, on this last day of 2017 I am changing up Spinning Freak™ once again.  I'm sure that this will cause an exodus of some subscribers/followers, but since this is ultimately meant to be a tool for me for outward expression, so be it.  I'm also sure that at some point in time I'll say something to come back and haunt me and prevent me from ever running for public office, again, so be it.

You can never reach the next mountain unless you can see the path to get there.

A couple of years back during an Olympic distance triathlon, I had what I would characterize as a panic attack during the swim portion.  Those unfamiliar with triathlons, it's a single challenge consisting of a swim, bike ride, and a run; always in that order.  While the distances can vary somewhat, and Olympic distance swim is generally around 3/4 of a mile.

Mind you I had done that distance before, in fact it was my second Olympic race of the season, but during the adrenaline filled excitement of the actual event, anything can happen.  And so it was I made the first turn of a two lap open water swim and I started panicking.  I was going to drown, my wife would be left to raise my children, would she be able to support them?  What had I done?  What was wrong?  I was never going to make it to the next turn.

I ended up switching to side stroke for that length of the swim, and decided to drop to a sprint distance (single lap).  Btw, it takes a very long time to side stroke .3 -.4 miles.  I finished my race in what would have been an okay time for my sprint distance, but was ultimately DQ'd for the decision.  Oh well, I do these for myself anyway.

I then looked for ways to get out of my next event and Ironman 70.3 race which would again double all my event distances.  Mind you, I could just not go, but what a horrible waste of money, and it just pisses me off to waste money and even more so to back down from a challenge.

I jumped back into my training in the local lap pool, and during one afternoon I realized my issue.  When I was swimming during the event I had been looking at the swim buoy for the next turn which was a great distance from where I was.  With each pause to site my path, it appeared that I wasn't any closer than the last time I sighted.  My perspective was on the entire challenge, not the path to success.

I then took up several visualization tools to help me, "How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time."; "How do you boil a frog?  By turning up the heat slowly, instead of all at once.", and my personal favorite stolen from Pixar's - Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming."

I changed my perspective from looking at the turning buoy to just the next buoy which was only a 100 meters away, not 700-800 meters.  These micro-goals let me achieve the greater goal without being overwhelmed.

Enough reflection...

I'll be back blogging this year and over the next several posts you'll see a change in the look of my blog, and if you are only here for the music play lists, great, they'll still be here listed at the bottom of each post.  If my babbling helps you realize that everyone has issues in achievement great, and if it drives you away, so be it.

Final note before the playlist...I finished the Ironman 70.3, and have done 1 more since then and signed up for my next one in July 2018; but more on that in another blog.