Sunday, January 7, 2018

Gated Reverb (Spinning Profile & Playlist)

Your parents did it.  Your grandparents probably did it, and you'll probably do it.

Nearly every generation thinks the music of their youth was the pinnacle of music, and eventually you're driving to work one morning and while you're skipping through the channels on your car radio you find a new "oldies" station and they're playing 80's music.  Wait.  What happened here? When did the 80's become "oldies"?  That's what I grew up on and I'm not old.

Denial aside, I could never lay my finger upon what it was about the 80's sound that I liked so much.  I assumed it was just because those were my youth years, but then I came across this video one day.

In this video they explained a happy little accident that created "Gated Reverb" and then explain it's role within 80's music and how it's changed over the years.  All that to say, it was pretty enlightening and gave birth to my playlist IEZ 114 Gated Reverb.  Not everything in this list qualifies as gated reverb, but certainly the majority.


Those that watched Monty Python will understand that blatant attempt at a segue in the conversation.  For those that don't quite get it, ask a friend.

I've taken up yoga for the new year, shooting for twice a week when I don't get a last minute emergency spin sub request.  I've been pretty injury free for the last year which I attribute to a dear friend of mine who has using me as a test dummy for Muscle Activation Technique as she works on her skills.  That being said, I do have some slight hip issues which seem to be the result of having the hamstrings of a man half my size, but twice as tight.  I'm hoping yoga will get me some of my flexibility that I had in my youth when I was into the martial arts.  Here's a pretty good article on yoga for cyclists; the pigeon pose nearly kills me.

Essential Yoga for Cyclists

In good health, SpinningFreak™

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