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The ClassBuilder App is, in my opinion, the single best tool for Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Instructors, combining your music playlist and your class notes in a single, easy to use format.  Use as many or as few of the features as you like.  Store your profiles to the iCloud so that you can teach any of your profiles at the drop of the hat using any device at your disposal.

While I love this app there are a few short comings, so let me show you how to get past them.

File Sharing
You've probably noticed that I give you the ability to actually just drop my ClassBuilder file on to your iPod/iPhone/iPad, saving you the effort of keying in your own instructions.  But how do you actually use this file / feature?

This process is about to be improved dramatically in an upcoming release of the app, but for right now you  have to drop the file onto your iOS device manually, and not using iTunes.  So here's how you do it:

  1. First your iCloud syncing has to be turned OFF. This is under the Settings button on the app.
  2. Next you'll need a free computer program called i-Funbox.  Think of i-Funbox like a Windows Explorer for your iDevice allowing you to see all the files on your device.  
  3. With i-Funbox installed, launch the program with your device plugged into your computer.  The program will find your attached device.  In the lower left corner you'll see your device listed.
  4. Click on your device name and you'll now see a list of your apps.  
  5. Click on the ClassBuilder icon, bringing up the Manage Files button.
  6. Clicking on Documents in the left pane will bring up a list of all your ClassBuilder profiles.  This is the same file that I make available to you for download and contains all the instruction cues and timing.
  7. Click on button on the top that says Copy From PC and simply copy my file onto your device.
  8. You can now unplug your device from your computer and restart the ClassBuilder app causing the app to look at it's library again.
Note:  This does NOT give you the music, only the cues.  You'll still need to attach the music from your library.  If you create the exact playlist that I have you can attach all the music at one time.

New Feature Highlight - The latest version of ClassBuilder (releasing mid-Feb 2014) will allow you to use Spotify so if you follow my Spotify playlists, then you'll have my music as well.  How cool is that going to be?

Cue Shortcuts
Not a feature of ClassBuilder, but something that I've recently started to use because of ClassBuilder is the iOS shortcut phrases.  This is built into your device already and it provides a quick way to enter repetitive  statements.  Example:  I use the instruction for pace lines 

Flat > Flat > Run

Now because I have big thumbs, I hate typing on my iPod so I've created a shortcut pcl which the ipod automatically translates into the instruction phrase above.  I have a whole list of these types of phrases just to make the instruction creation easy.  You'll find this feature on your device under

Settings - General - Keyboard - Shortcuts

Create your own, with instructions and shortcuts that are easy for you to remember.  Here's a quick screenshot of what some of mine look like.  Hope this helps!

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